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Minoge exploration course: Enjoy the landscape of Satoyama (village forest) & exquisite Miyabori (religious wooden carvings)

Shonan Area 6h15m

This tour explores valuable cultural properties as well as appreciates beautiful scenery of village forests in Minoge area of Hadano City, which is abundant with nature. The highlight of this tour is the exquisite Miyabori (wood carvings) of dragon that participants get to see above the sign of "Kongo-oh Den" at Dainichi-do Temple. Enjoy the tangible experience of magical Miyabori on this tour!

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This old residential house built during early Showa era were moved to the Minoge area of Hanado city and reconstructed in 1991. The structure of this house follows the typical building style seen in tobacco farmer houses, with four rooms squarely arranged. Some farm tools and daily necessities are exhibited on the floor; they are essential to knowing what life was like for farmers back then. Yo...

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Legend has it that Dainichi-do was established in 742 by the Buddhist priest Gyoki, who contributed in building the Great Buddha of Todaiji temple in Nara prefecture. In the main hall of Dainichi-do stands the175-cm-tall statue of Dainichi-nyorai (Vairocana Buddha), which is designated as an Important Cultural Property of Kanagawa Prefecture.

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The Grave of the Head of Minamoto no Sanetomo

This grave is said to enshrine the head of Minamoto no Sanetomo, the 3rd Shogun of the Kamakura Bakufu, who led a short life due to his assassination in the early 13th century. The present pagoda enshrining the grave of Minamoto no Sanetomo's head is made of stone but at that time, it was known to be made of wood. That wooden pagoda is said to be the one currently preserved in the Kamakura ...

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Tahara-Furusato Park: Soba Restaurant Shinonome

You can experience making soba here even if you don't go to Nagano (known as Shinshu in the past). In the soba restaurant Shinonome next to the workshop, you can enjoy the unique taste of the soba you made, be it with friends, family, or even by yourself! Furusato Park is surrounded by rice fields and farms and has a water mill as well. It is also well-known for its farmers market which sells v...

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