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Let's experience the natural beauty of Hakone

Western Area 3h30m

Hakone is full of nature.You can see the iconic Mt. Fuji before your very eyes, as well as the volcanoes which cause Hakone's famous natural hot springs. Try out Hakone's bountiful nature, art galleries and museums.

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Hakone Museum of Photography

Hakone Museum of Photography, which opened in 2002, is a small art museum located in a quiet spot admist the nature of Gora, Hakone. The exhibition hall was established in a part of the grounds of the residence of the Yamada and Endo families, who have practiced photography for generations. The inside of the hall is a gallery that features the warmth of natural cypress. Guests are welcome to...

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Hakone Geomuseum

There is one city and three towns in the Hakone Volcanic Area. They are Odawara City, Hakone-machi Town, Manazuru-machi Town and Yugawara-machi Town. Three tectonic plates overlap in this area, making it one of the most unique volcanic terrains in the world. You can see various volcanic landforms, volcanic sediment and volcanic rocks here. At Hakone Geomuseum you can learn about the wonders of ...

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【CAUTION! Volcanic gases are hazardous to your health. Do not enter this area if you have asthma, bronchial disease, respiratory disease, heart disease, etc.】 Ōwakudani is a popular tourist spot that attests to the past volcanic activity of Hakone. Actually a crater on Mt. Kamiyama formed by the last volcanic eruption of Hakone around 3,000 years ago, Ōwakudani still actively emits a w...

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