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Enoshima Legend and Gourmet Tour

Miura Peninsula Multi day 20

A long time ago there lived a five-headed evil dragon in Fukasawa, Kamakura. People suffered from the evil acts of the dragon that ate children and destroyed farms, rivers, and the land. People called the land Koshigoe which means "children die land". Nowadays, it is still called Koshigoe but uses other Chinese characters. The evil dragon fell in love with the Goddess of Enoshima and he amended his behavior in order to marry the Goddess. Later the five-headed dragon was worshipped in Myoukou Shrine in West Kamakura, the Goddess was also worshipped in Enoshima as a Sarasvati. Nowadays, people live in peace in Fukasawa. Myoukou Shrine is a popular sacred place for the local people. It is said that visiting both Enoshima and Myoukou Shrine will give you a special spiritual energy because Enoshima Shrine gives you the goddess's power and Myoukou Shrine gives you the power of the dragon. They say because of those powers people can receive more luck than usual.


Recommended Transit Passes

Yokosuka Enjoy Ticket


Shonan Monorail

Kamakura 30m

The Shonan Monorail is a suspension type monorail, which is very unique because it is not seen very often in the world. This is the innovative ride that the Kanagawa...


Kamakura 1h

Raitei is a restaurant that serves Japanese buckwheat noodles and kaiseki cuisine, where you can enjoy homemade buckwheat noodles and delicious dishes featuring...

Sudo Coffee

Kamakura 15m

This store sells coffee beans roasted in-house.

Enoshima Shrine

Fujisawa 30m

It is a general term for three shrines, Hetsu-miya, Nakatsu-miya, and Okutsu-miya. Each shrine enshrines three sister goddesses, as well as eight-armed Benzaiten...

Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden

Fujisawa 30m

Located on the top of Enoshima, this garden is a place where you can enjoy various flowers and plans during all four seasons. There are various facilities, such...

Lover's Hill Ryuren Bell of Love

Fujisawa 15m

There is a legend that says a heavenly maiden and a five-headed dragon were united on Enoshima, and it is believed that ringing this bell will bring about eternal...

Enoshima Iwaya Cavern

Fujisawa 30m

Master Dharma,Kobo Daisi and Minamotono Yoritomo are said to have visited this place and it is also said to be the roots of Sarasvati belief. This cave was created...

Chigogafuchi Marine Plateau

Fujisawa 30m

Chigogafuchi is selected as one of Kanagawa's 50 scenic spots. It is also a perfect fishing spot. The scenery of the sun setting at Mount Fuji is extraordinary....

Benten Maru

Fujisawa 15m

A ship that connects Eshima Ohashi Bridge and Chigogafuchi Abyss, turning a usually 40 minute walk into a 10 minute journey. The cliffs of Enoshima and the dark...

Katase Enoshima station on Odakyu line

Fujisawa 15m

Katase Enoshima Station is the last stop on the Enoshima Line and its unique design represents Ryugujo, an undersea palace from a Japanese folklore


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