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How about a real zazen experience at a temple in the bamboo forest?

Yokosuka, Miura 3h15m

A famous bamboo tree temple, Houkokuji, offers a Zazen experience and transcription of Buddhist sutras experiences. This temple is a little strict, so you can experience authentic Zen meditation. You can see a statue of the Goddess Kannon, the symbol of Ofuna, from the train window on your journey.

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Hokoku-ji Temple

A historical temple known for its 1000 Moso Bamboo in the vicinity, with a solemn atmosphere symbolic of the tragedy of the Ashikaga clan even now. Early Morning Sightseeing A temple in Kamakura with a beautiful garden and bamboo grove. A Sunday Zen meditation session is held at 7:30 in the morning every Sunday and is open to everyone. The session is reputed to be very strict, and be sure...

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Kamakura Ham Tomioka Co.

Since its founding in 1900, Kamakura Ham Tomioka Co. has continued to maintain its painstaking manufacturing techniques for over a century. Their headquarters factory has an archive where you can learn about the story and history behind the creation of the brand, and in the factory itself, you can view the treasured traditional manufacturing techniques they use. You can also experience those te...

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Ofuna Kannon Temple

The Ōfuna Kannon in the west of Ōfuna Station in Kamakura City is an eye-catching huge white statue of Kannon. Although there were instances where the construction of this statue had to be stopped due to WWII, it was completed in 1960 (Showa 35) and is now a symbol of Kamakura City Ōfuna Ward, gently protecting the many visitors who come to pray.

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