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A Hiking Pilgrimage from Kamakura to Kanazawa

Yokohama, Kawasaki Multi day 178

This is a natural mountain path that extends from Kita-Kamakura Ten’en Hiking Course to Rokkoku Toge Hiking Course. Kanazawa Natural Park (Kanazawa Zoo), Yokohama Nature Sanctuary, Kamisato, and Mori no Ie are along this course.



Daihonzan Engaku-ji Temple

Kamakura 30m

This ancient temple has many old buildings, including the temple bell and the Shari-den Hall, which are both national treasures. Here you can take a quiet breath...


Kamakura 15m

Located quiet residential area and the entrance of Ten'en Hiking Trail.

Meigetsu-in Temple

Kamakura 1h

Meigetsu-in Temple in Kita-Kamakura is also known as The Temple of Hydrangeas. For hydrangea season around June, many people flock here to view approximately 2,500...

Ten-en Hiking

Kamakura 1h30m

Also known as the Kamakura Alps, this hiking course covers steep areas and ridges with great views. Recommended for experienced walkers.

Shizakai Park

Yokohama 15m

An open area along the Rokkoku-touge Hiking course, located on the border of Kamakura and Yokohama.

Kanazawa Nature Park

Yokohama 1h

One of the largest nature parks in Yokohama City, surrounded by the Citizen's Forest and the Nature Observation Forest. There is a 100-meter roller slide popular...

Nokendo Historic Site

Yokohama 15m

A temple known as the Nokendo was built here sometime between 1661-73. It is said that the term Kanazawa-hakkei began here after a Buddhist priest read a poem on...

Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

Yokohama 2h

This leisure island boasts one of the biggest aquariums in Japan, namely the Aqua Museum and 3 other aquariums. There is also a theme park named Pleasure Land,...

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