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Hakone-Gotemba-Yamanashi round-trip course (round-trip excursion course) 2days

Western Area 10h

Hakone is Kanagawa's go-to spot for hot springs. This course will take you through plenty of Hakone's tourist attractions, and on the second day you'll be going further out to places like the outlets in Gotemba and Lake Kawaguchi.

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Hakone-en is a comprehensive recreational facility with many attractions, restaurant, and souvenir shops. It serves as a convenient base for sightseeing in Hakone as both the Ashinoko Lake Leisure Cruise and Komagatake Ropeway have stations here.

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【CAUTION! Volcanic gases are hazardous to your health. Do not enter this area if you have asthma, bronchial disease, respiratory disease, heart disease, etc.】 Ōwakudani is a popular tourist spot that attests to the past volcanic activity of Hakone. Actually a crater on Mt. Kamiyama formed by the last volcanic eruption of Hakone around 3,000 years ago, Ōwakudani still actively emits a w...

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Pola Museum of Art

This private museum, operated by the Pola Art Foundation, houses around 9,500 works of art featuring impressionist masterpieces, including those by Monet and Renoir, as well as Japanese traditional and oil paintings, glass crafts and make-up tools collected by Tsuneshi Suzuki, the former owner of Pola Orbis Group. The museum consists of 5 exhibition rooms: Western arts and modern Japanese arts ...

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Lake Ashi Leisure Cruise

The Lake Ashi Leisure Cruise opened as the first catamaran cruise ship in Japan in 1920, and currently operates a liner service between the 4 ports of Hakone Sekisho-ato, Moto-Hakone, Hakone-en, and the terminal Kojiri. A circular route starting from one of the 4 ports and coming back to the same port through the other 3 ports is also available. As a catamaran features two parallel hulls of equ...

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GotembaPremium Outlets

One of the biggest outlet shopping malls in Japan. With a view of World Cultural Heritage Mt. Fuji and about 210 stores, from casual style to premium grade fashion, and big-name brands, you can shop your heart out.

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