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Hadano Course: Visit famous cherry blossom viewing spots and the finest spring waters.

Shonan Area 6h15m

This tour includes a visit to the Hadano Sakura Promenade, at 6.2km, the longest cherry blossom-lined street in the prefecture as well other cherry blossom viewing spots. You will also visit a cluster of spring waters in the Hadano Basin, listed as one of The 100 Finest Waters of Japan.

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The Spring of Maimai

The Spring of Maimai was named after ‘Maimaizu Well’, which was built a long time ago. Due to the quality improvement of the underground water, The Spring of Maimai now wells up spring water from 20 meters underground.

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Cherry Blossoms at Hadano City South Elementary School

These two cherry trees were planted to commemorate the opening of the elementary school in 1892. They have been selected one of the "100 Greatest Trees in Kanagawa". Although Somei-yoshino (Prunus × yedoensis) is said to be susceptible to pests and thereby gets weak after 40 to 50 years, these cherry trees have survived over 110 years.

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Shirasasa Inari Shrine

Shirasasa Inari Shrine is one of the "Three Great Inari Shrines" along with Kasama Inari Shrine (Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture) and Shouzoku Inari Shrine (Kita Ward, Tokyo). The special feature of this shrine is its Chozusha (purification trough) which is set on the left side before the torii gate. The purification water drips out of the end of a bamboo tube set over a bamboo-made cross stand...

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Hadano Sakura-michi Promenade

The road that stretches from Higashi Oodake Crossing on the prefectural road #62 to Shinbashi Crossing on the prefectural road #706 is called the Hadano Sakura-michi Promenade. This promenade is lined with cherry trees and streches out 6.2km long, the longest in Kanagawa Prefecture. The long row of cherry trees offers a breathtaking view in spring and is a must-see spot.

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Shinsei-ko Lake

Shinsei-ko is a lake bordering Hadano City and Nakai-machi town in Kanagawa prefecture. When the Great Kanto Earthquake stroke the region on September 1, 1923, the area collapsed and dammed Kisawa City, which created Shinsei-ko Lake.

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Izumo Shrine Sagamibunshi

Various seasonal events, such as a festival to usher in luck (Fukumukae-sai) during the New Year's, a plum festival in spring, a chinese lantern plant market, and a morning glory market are held and the atmosphere is very lively. In the premises, there is a spring known as the “Water of the 1000-Year Forest” (Sennen no mori no mizu), providing moisture to the planted trees. When summer comes ar...

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