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Fujisawa Nature and History Trip

Shonan Area 11h45m 14

As you enjoy Fujisawa's greenery, take a tour of historic sites and temples, then wash away all your worries at a spa in Enoshima.


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Kawana Gorei Jinjya

Shonan Area 30m

Here it is said that there is academic achievement, effective prayer, calligraphy improvement, and you can avert misfortune.

Kawana Shimizuyato

Shonan Area 30m

Area where nature has been left which is rare in the parks in the metropolitan area. As you move further back, there is a spring that is surrounded by a quie...

Former Kondo Residence

Shonan Area 30m

The Former Kondo Residence was built in 1925 after the Great Kanto Earthquake as a villa in Tsujido of Fujisawa-shi. It is said to be a representation of Jap...

Ryuko-ji Temple

Shonan Area 1h

Ryukoji Temple is a temple of the “Nichiren sect” founded in 1337. Nichiren offered plans to Kamakura shogunate for saving the nation in a time of crisis, ho...

Enoshima Island Spa

Shonan Area 2h

The spa pool area that requires wearing swimsuits, are located both outdoors and indoors, and can be enjoyed by couples or in groups. In addition, from the n...


Shonan Area 30m

When you are on your way to Katase Enoshima Station or Enoshima from Enoshima Electric Railway, Enoshima Station, there is a shopping district called "Subana...

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