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Dam exploration tour - Shonan Dam, Shiroyama Dam, Miyagase Dam

Central Area 5h 42

The metroplitan area's largest multipurpose dam boasts an absolutely spectacular view. The vivid fall colors behind the flowing waterfall also make for a stunning sight. The experience is sure to show you the plentiful water source and limited resources in a new light. Plus, you can keep the card with information on the dam as a souvenir.


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Shiroyama dam

Central Area 45m

As population increased rapidly and the industries developed, there was an increasing need for water. To tackle that, in order to supply water for the waterw...

Sagami dam

Central Area 1h

Sagami dam was completed in 1951 (Showa 22), forming the first large scale artificial lake in Kanagawa Prefecture, Sagami Lake. Using the volume of water sto...

Miyagase Dam

Central Area 1h

This dam is situated in the northwestern part of the prefecture, near Higashitanzawa and is the largest gravitational concrete dam in the Greater Tokyo Area....

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