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Chigasaki & Fujisawa course: Enjoy summer and the Shonan sea to the fullest!

Shonan Area 8h30m

This tour offers a one and only Enoshima Experience to participants; first, board an "Eboshi Rock Cruise" boat in Chigasaki, then go to Fujisawa to visit "New Enoshima Aquarium", and finally explore Enoshima Island. Don't miss the Enoshima lanterns that light up Enoshima Island in summer.

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Chigasaki Southern C

Chigasaki Southern C is the symbol of Southern Beach Chigasaki and has even fronted the Southern All Stars CD cover. This place is famous as a matchmaking (En-musubi) spot as when one stands at the right of the C, filling the gap in “C”, a circle (“En” in Japanese) will be formed, essentially tying fates (also “En” in Japanese) together. It is also famous for being a photo spot in Chigasaki whe...

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Enoshima Aquarium

The aquarium is located at a great place where you can view both Mt Fuji on the west side, and Sagami bay and the scenic spot Enoshima on the south. It is known as a popular filming location for movies and dramas. It has a lot to offer to tourists, such as Big Sagami Bay Tank, Jelly Fish Fantasy Hall, and Sea Turtle Beach. Dolphin/sea lion/penguin/jelly fish shows are conducted every day.

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Tokyo Olympics Memorial Fountain Pond

This fountain pond was built to commemorate the Tokyo Okympics held in 1964. In the center of the pond stands a statue of Benzaiten (Sarasvati), which is circled by western and eastern female statues. It is located in the North Green Space that spreads out from the entrance of Enoshima Island and is a popular spot for tourists to take a break and relax.

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Enoshima Shrine

Enoshima Shrine consists of three palaces, Hetsumiya, Nakatsumiya and Okutsumiya. Three-sister sea guardian is worshipped in each palace. In ancient times it was called Enoshima Myojin. You can feel the atmosphere of the mixture of myths. This are winter constellation Orion's myth and the three- sister gardians' myth. Three stars in the Orion's Belt transforme...

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