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Atsugi Ayu Festival and Ayu Cuisine

Central Area 4h30m 27

This tour features Ayu (sweetfish), which is the specialty of Atsugi city. You'll have a chance to enjoy Atsugi Ayu Festival, the largest event of Atsugi City, and actually eat Ayu!


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Tsumada Yakushi

Central Area 30m

Yakushi Bhudda is enshrined here. This temple was burnt down in 1569 Takeda Shingen's battle. In 1758 it was rebuilt. It is famous for exhibiting the ...

Ayu (sweetfish) Cuisine

Central Area 1h

Since a long time ago, Ayu has been a symbol of Atsugi. You can enjoy Ayu dishes at restaurants including Fukusuke, Atsugi Tachibana, and Nakatsugawa.

Atsugi Ayu Matsuri

Central Area 2h

The "Ayu Matsuri Fireworks Festival" held on the night of the first day gives you a great view of the fireworks due to its close proximity to the launch site...

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