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Tsumada Yakushi

Tsumada Yakushi


The temple enshrines Yakushi Nyorai, known as the Buddha who saves people from illness, injury, and other suffering. In particular, the dumplings served on the temple fair, also known as "omedama-san," are said to be beneficial for eye diseases. There are many cultural assets on the temple grounds, including the Yakushido Hall, camphor tree, and bronze bell. The current Yakushido was reconstructed in 1758, but the raigo-hashira (pillars that surround the kitchen) are the same as those used when the temple was rebuilt in 1584. It is written in the Shinpen Sagami-no-Kuni Fudoki Manuscript that the earlier building was destroyed by fire during the attack on Odawara Castle by the Takeda clan in 1569. The temple is open to the public once every 60 years on the Kanoetora anniversary of the opening of the main sanctuary. The next one will be in 2070.

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Odakyu Line, Hon-Atsugi Station

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