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An ancient temple and home connected to the historical figure Ota Dokan

Shonan Area 2h30m

The Yamaguchi residence in Isehara is an old, venerable house that has been declared a Tangible Cultural Property. Nearby, you'll also find several historic temples, such as Toshoin and Kasuya Shrine. This is a route for all those foreigners interested in Japanese culture and history.

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House of Yamaguchi family was registered as a National Tangible Cultural Property in 1998 (Heisei 10). It was a magistrate's office that was run by Manabe clan who was a direct retainer and close associate of a shogun in the last days of the Tokugawa Shogunate. It was also used as a venue for studying the Freedom and People's Rights Movement in early Meiji period. The second floor was converted...

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Toshoin (Buddhist temple)

Banryuzan Toshoin (Buddhist temple) is also known as "Guzoji". "Guzo" was once the name of the neighborhood, and is a term for describing the government office of the area. The name "Kiganji" still remains, because Uesugi clan, who served as the shogunal deputy for Kanto region and governed throughout the Kanto, named the temple "Kiganji" in Muromachi period. Ota Dokan who is said to be a parag...

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Kamikasuya Shrine

In the topography of Edo period "New edition of Sagami province topography" it is a mention of "Sanno Shrine" in Kami-kasuya village. Sanno Shrine was the place where the deity was transfered where the first groom of Todaiji Temple, Priest Roben established the Daisen-ji during the Tenmyo Era (792-749). After that, during the Genroku Era of Edo period (1688-1704) the Sanno Buddha was ma...

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