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Trout Fishing and BBQ in Hyuga Gorge

Shonan Area 4h30m

Enjoy the summer in the Hyuga Valley where rich nature remains. After experiencing trout fishing or trout shooting in the Higusawa River, please enjoy BBQ lunch. After meals, you can enjoy a hot spring at the Kuahouse mountain inn.

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Hinata Yakushi (Buudhist temple)

Hinata Yakushi is one of the Three Greatest Yakushi, and its principal image of Buddha is Yakushi Sanzon. The religious school the temple belongs to now is the Koyasan Shingon sect. The main building of the temple was disassembled and repaired for the first time in about 300 years. The refurbished beautiful building with a thatched roof made its appearance after seven years of repairment. Hojob...

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Yamagoya kuahouse

We use natural water for our baths and you are able to always bathe in clean water. For guests who use our bathing facility, there is a free relaxation room where you can relax and enjoy fish dishes and shishi nabe. There is also a hiking course nearby.

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