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A tale of one's first visit to the port town of Yokohama

Yokohama, Kawasaki 4h30m

A city where Western culture and technology arrived quicker than anywhere else, Yokohama prides itself in having the places of origin for many things. This course is a chance to enjoy Minatocho, Yokohama from a different angle.

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Gas Lamp Monument

In 1872, Nihon Gas Shachu Company started by Takashima Kaemon built Japan's first street gas lamp. The gas lamps went on to light the roads and city. The pillars for the lamps were imported from Glasgow, but the lamp itself is said to have been made by Japanese craftsmen.

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In 1869 Fusazo Machida started its business in Yokohama Bashamichi dori. The ice cream was called "ICE kurin" made only from egg yolk, milk, and sugar. It had a flavor of custard and its texture was like a sherbet. It is now arranged to match modern taste and it is called "Fresh Yokohama Bashamichi Ice-Custard."

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Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall (Jack’s Tower)

A building in the neo-renaissance style that opened in 1918. The building is affectionately nicknamed “Jack”. “Jack” is designated as a historical heritage building, and also currently serves as the Nakaku Ward Hall. The tip of the clock tower is lit with lights that over-pass the intersection. The lightshow on the red bricks takes you back in time to a different age – Yokohama in its golden er...

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