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A cycling tour surrounded by the nature of Hakone and lake Ashino

Western Area 5h30m

How about cycling around Lake Ashi, popularised by recent cycling manga. It's easy to rent a bike at the lake, but after a day of cycling it's great to unwind at Kogen Hakone Hotel. Make sure to pick up some souvernirs of your treat in Odawara.

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Hakone Visitors’ Center

Information on the area’s natural surroundings and photographs of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park are displayed in the center to help visitors enjoy safe and informed hiking in the Hakone area. The high-vision theater shows a movie of the beautiful nature in Hakone, and other exhibitions include a 3D terrain map and a map of the entire Hakone area. The observation lounge overlooking Ashinoko ...

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Hakonekogen Hotel

Hakonekogen Hotel has great spas. Its hot spring water contains a large amount of carbon (hydrogen carbonate ions and free oxygen). Because the iron ions subside into water, the water has a brownish red colour.

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A shop specializing in plums which has its origin in Chinryutei, a traditional Japanese restaurant started by Monya Komine, the last chef of Odawara castle, in the fourth year of the Meiji period (1871). When Odawara Station opened in the Taisho period, the store was relocated to its position in front of the station and renamed the easier-to-read "Chinriu Honten,” and remains there to this day....

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