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3 Days: Hakone Onsen and Lands where Famouse Figures Spent Time During the End of Kamakura Period

Western Area 15h45m 12

At Tokyo, you'll be riding a train as you tour Edo Castle—Tokugawa's residence that became the Imperial Palace in the Meiji era—and many other places related to the late Edo period patriots who played a great role in the capitulation of the castle without any bloodshed during the Ueno war, fought between the old shogunate forces and the new government forces. From Yokohama, you'll then be taking a drive on a rental car. Past the late Edo period and the Meiji Restoration, pay a visit to the residence of Japan's first Prime Minister Hirobumi Ito, who worked for the establishment of a constitutional government, and many other places. After you stretch you legs out at Hakone, you'll be on your way to Shizuoka.


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Kokyogaien National Park

Around Kanagawa 30m

All the year around many tourists start their Tokyo tour from this place, a gateway of Tokyo. This is a Edo Castle special historic site so you can fi...

Saigo Takamori Statue(Ueno park)

Around Kanagawa 15m

Saigo Takamori was a man of Meiji Restoration. His statue stands in Ueno Park. He is on his way to rabbit-hunting with his dog "Tsunn".


Around Kanagawa 30m

For the purpose of protecting the northeastern gate “Kimon”* of the Edo Castle and praying for the peace of people,on the Ueno highland, this temple wa...

Yanaka Ginza Shopping mall

Around Kanagawa 30m

There are more than 70 small private stores in this shopping street. Always crowded with lots of people. Photos Provided by photolibery


Yokohama, Kawasaki 1h

Reservation Required:The predecessor of the Tanaka family is depicted in Utagawa Hiroshige's ukiyo-e. Tanakaya has been loved by many celebrities including H...

Hotel New Grand

Yokohama, Kawasaki 15m

Established in 1927, this classic hotel is reminiscent of Yokohama in the past when the port was first opened. As a renowned hotel of Yokohama, the internati...

Seisho Parking Area

Western Area 30m

A parking area located in Odawara City. At the Seisho Parking Area Kudarisen, you are able to overlook the beautiful ocean.

Hakone Sightseeing Cruise

Western Area 30m

The Hakone Sightseeing Cruise offers sightseeing boats that sail around Lake Ashinoko, a popular spot in Hakone. There are three boats: Royal II, Victory, an...


Western Area 2h

Back in the day, the biggest difficulty for those travelling on the Tokaido road was Hakone. The place of healing for them was Hakone Ashinoyu hotspring. Mor...

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