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Okawa Mokkoujo(Japanese lacquer)

Okawa Mokkoujo(Japanese lacquer)

Odawara lacquerware is created using a technique passed down since the Muromachi period (1336-1573). The artist repeatedly rubs unrefined lacquer using a potter's wheel and combines the “kijironuri” and “irourushinuri” techniques, blending together to create handmade lacquerware which accentuates the beautiful wood grain of the natural materials. At Okwara Sawmill (wood turning and potter's workshop) we create various types of lacquerware, including trays and bowls, as well as polishing experiences for soup bowls, dish boxes, and balls. We also create one-of-a-kind patterns using water paper. Any items made can be taken home the same day and used at home. (Optional: apply lacquer to the item for a glossy finish. This takes around three weeks to complete and costs 1,500 yen, including shipping).

Essential Information

Check the official website for the latest information.





Closed irregular holidays

Fee: From ¥3000– (The cost varies depending on the item produced.)


Hakone Itabashi Station on the Hakone Tozan Railway or JR Hayakawa Station.

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