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Hiratoshimaru Shonan Shirasu Direct Vendor

Hiratoshimaru Shonan Shirasu Direct Vendor

Hiratoshimaru, located on the Miura Peninsula in Kanagawa Prefecture, is a seafood powerhouse famous for its fresh whitebait, or "shirasu". These small shirasu have a mild flavor reminiscent of the sea, and are perfect over hot rice. Hiratoshimaru offers seafood caught and processed by the restaurant itself so that guests can enjoy the freshest seafood available. The restaurant's humble interior is packed with fresh-caught shirasu, kama-age shirasu, dried shirasu, and offshore pickled shirasu that the fishermen marinate in a special sauce on-boat immediately after reeling them in. In addition to shirasu products, the store also sells boiled and dried local octopus, dried fish, and seasonal seaweed. As products are so fresh, quantities are limited, so be sure to call ahead to confirm if there is an item you are looking for. We hope you enjoy this traditional taste of Japan!

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Closed Every year from January 1st to the 6th
Access From Keikyu Yokosuka Chuo Station, JR Yokosuka Station, or Zushi Station, take the local bus to the Sajima 1-chome stop. From there it is approximately a 2 minute walk to Hiratoshimaru. If coming by car, please use the parking lot.

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