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Hase-dera Temple

Hase-dera Temple

3-11-2 Hase, Kamakura City
Map of Hase-dera Temple

Hasedera Temple is a famous historical temple that enshrines the statue of Hase Kannon as its principal deity. The main temple building houses the Kannon Museum, a garden, and offers visitors a chance to become familiar with the scenic beauty of Kamakura. The solemn "Kannon-do" and the temple grounds surrounded by beautiful trees and ponds, and lanterns distributed to visitors, encase the area in a beautiful lights that offers a sense of connection. A private tour of the temple grounds is also held by the priests of Hasedera Temple. In addition to the guided tours of the Keidai required sites, visitors will be show through the museum and also have the opportunity to visit Kannon in the main hall up close and personal.

Travel tip

According to legend, the nine-meter wooden statue of the Kannon (goddess of mercy) you can see here was carved in 721 CE in Nara, then cast into the sea, washing up in 736. In June and July, colourful hydrangeas bloom around the temple.

Hase-dera Temple at night

The precincts with the majestic Kannon-do hall and lovely trees and ponds are enveloped in a light that “connects,” like the lanterns given to those who visit.

Essential Information

Check the official website for the latest information.

Admission hours Jul-Mar: 8:00-16:30 Apr-Jun: 8:00-17:00


Admission fees

Adults (junior high school students and over): 400 yen
Children (elementary school students and under): 200 yen

  • Wi-Fi Available
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