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Walk the Streets of Hisamoto (Walking Tour)

Yokohama, Kawasaki 2h15m

Mount Hisamoto—also known as Okuma-san—with its beautiful hillside greenery is also the site of an ancient tomb from the Jomon period as well as a shell mound, making it an area with great historical significance. Enjoy both history and nature in this walking course.

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Hisamoto-yakuimonn Park

This is a resident site of former Oka family that contenued to be engaged in medical doctor since Edo era for eight generations. A famous director Akira Kurosawa's film 'Akahige' was based on this medical clinic. Koshin monument neaerby was built by the Mitsutomi family. It was dedicated for the dead horses by the fire. The faith toward the horse-headed Buddha is r...

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Suenaga-Kumanomori Green Park (Edo-mi sakura, Tarzan Tree)

There are mountain cherry blossom trees which were found by a late Heian period commander, Minamoto no Yoshiie (Hachimann Taro). He made a poem by watching the blossoms. Later they were called ' Edo watching cherry blossoms'. 'Tarzan tree' is children's favorite tarzan play tree. 'Suenaga Kumanomori Green Park' is Kawasaki City's designated green park.

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Chouja-Ana-yokoana ancient tombs

In Takatsu ward, Kawasaki City, many tunnel style ancient tombs are densely located. Most ancient burial tombs are like mound. But these tunnel style tombs are bored on the hill side horizontally. Their inside walls are boarded-up for the safety purposes. Photos Provided by photolibery.

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