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Walk the historic port town of Yokohama in a kimono (hakama)

Yokohama, Kawasaki 4h15m

This is a popular course, where you'll be walking down the streets of Yokohama in a kimono (or a hakama).

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Silk Museum

A rare museum of silk that demonstrates the process of turning silkworm into fabric. Japanese silk clothing from each historical period are also displayed. At the museum shop, you can find Yokohama scarves, foods containing silk, and other silk-related products and books.

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Yokohama Archives of History

Displays materials on Yokohama history from the end of the Edo period/Opening up of the port period to the beginning of the Showa period. The building was formerly used as the British consulate until 1972. There is a historical camphor tree in the courtyard. *Includes a cafe.

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Yamashita Park

The first seaside park in Japan located right in front of Yokohama Port, stretching almost 700 meters from the east side of Osanbashi to Yamashita Pier. It was opened in 1930 by land filling with the rubbles from the Great Kanto Earthquake. The park includes a grass field, a rose garden, the “Little Girl With Red Shoes On” statue, the “Guardian of Water” statue which is ...

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