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View a vast expanse of golden sunflowers and experience the countryside

Central Area 4h

At Zama Yatoyama Park, which retains the elegance of satoyama, community forest areas, enjoy the 550,000 sunflowers which bloom over the park’s 5.5 hectares along with the satoyama experience.

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Zama Yatoyama Park

Zama Yatoyama Park is a land on which people have lived since the Jomon period. As a place with woodland that has been preserved, it is loved by the locals. The woodland experience center was built with the olden private houses as its motif, and visitors can sit around the sunken hearth and have a rest on the veranda or in the tatami room while gazing at the rice paddies.

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Zama Sunflower Field

The sunflower of Zama was selected to represent Zama city in 1969 and as "100 sights of flowers in Kanagawa" in 1994. The scale has increased every year and now has expanded over a scale exceeding 5.5 hectares. The field is divided into the Kurihara venue and Zama venue, where sunflower festivals are held every year.

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Serizawa Park

A park that was chosen as one of the eight picturesque spots of Zama as the source of Zama’s delicious water, and also selected to be in “Kanagawa’s 50 Best Parks.” It is divided into three zones, “playground, lawn park, and waterside,” each of which can be strolled.

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