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U.S. Army Camp Zama Cherry Blossom Festival

Central Area 3h

There are more than around 300 cherry blossom trees including Somei Yoshino in the festival area. There are more than 40 food stalls including not only hamburgers, pizzas, hotdogs but also multinational ones such as Turkish, Thai, Italian and Korean food.

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United States Army Camp Zama Sakura Festival (cherry blossoms)

At the festival venue, there are over 300 sakuras (cherry blossoms). There are over 40 food stalls ranging from hamburgers, pizzas, and hot dogs, as well as international stalls including Turkish, Thai, Italian, and Korean food. In addition, there are live performances of American bands, street performances, and an area where you can play games. Photos provided by: Sagamihara Tourism Association

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Sagamihara City Hall Sakura Street (cherry blossoms)

It has been selected as one of Kanagawa's 100 flower viewing spots. In the area of about 1.6 kilometers, there are approximately 300 Somei-Yoshino trees planted and they are in full bloom in the spring. It is also the main venue for the Citizen Sakura Festival and during the blooming period, you can enjoy the cherry blossoms that are lit up at night. Photos provided by Sagamihara Tourism Associ...

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