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Tsumada Yakushi Amulet and Glass-Making Experience

Central Area 3h 13

There is a Buddhist temple in Tsumada Yakushi that enshrines Bhaisajyaguru (buddha able to cure all ills), which was rebuilt in 1758 (Horeki 8) after it was destroyed during the Battle of Mimasetoge in 1569 (Eiroku 12). It has Japan’s biggest Shinto talisman (ofuda) on display.


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Tsumada Yakushi

Central Area 30m

Yakushi Bhudda is enshrined here. This temple was burnt down in 1569 Takeda Shingen's battle. In 1758 it was rebuilt. It is famous for exhibiting the ...

Atsugi Glass Studio

Central Area 30m

<Glass blowing experience> 3,675 yen~  Time required: around 20 minutes  <Tombodama (glass beads) experience> 2,100 yen  Time required: arou...

Atsugi Horumon

Central Area 1h

The hormone you eat with miso sauce is an excellent dish.There is a meat center and you can easily get your hands on fresh meat.

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