Tonosawa Omote-one Ridge Hiking

Shonan Area 4h30m 5

With Mountain Day as a newly-instituted holiday in Japan (August 11th), there has been a surge in hiking population. Tanzawa is known to be a highly popular town for foreign tourists, as it offers the choice of going on hiking while enjoying the view of Mt. Fuji, all on a day’s trip.


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Shonan Area 30m

Ninotou is located in inside of Tanzawaoyamakokutei park and it is a mountain trail of bound for Sannotou and Tounodake. Photos Provided by photolibery


Shonan Area 30m

From the top of the mountain, you can see Omoteone.※Spot for climbers


Shonan Area 30m

Karasunoyama's summit is quite spacious and the view is amazing. ※Spot for climbers. Photos Provided by photolibery


Shonan Area 30m

Surrounding of Gyojagatake is occuring collapse, so please be careful if you climb. ※For climbers. Photos Provided by photolibery


Shonan Area 30m

Omote-tanzawa is elevation of 1409.9 meters mountain. There is villa on the summit. From the point, you can see Mt, Fuji and Sagami Bay.

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