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The night view from Shonandaira and Kawasaki Daishi’s Goma Purification

Shonan Area 5h45m

Enjoy the night view from the new viewing platform at Shonandaira. The next day, this course will take you to Kawasaki Daishi, where you’ll see the Goma Purification ritual, stroll down the shopping street, and more.

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Kaname Water Park

This is a nature park featuring plenty of water, including streams and ponds. From plants to insects, you’ll be able to observe various types of wildlife, including the genjibotaru (a species of Japanese firefly). Firefly viewing is from May through the beginning of June. Visitors are asked to be careful of bringing too much light from things like flashlights.

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Kanagawa Prefectural Center of Flowers and Greenery, Kana Garden (Vegetables and Flowers)

This garden is a facility where you can learn and enjoy gardening and farming. The roses here are prided as one of the top few species in the Kanto region. A rose festival is held every spring and autumn. Besides that, you can also enjoy a vegetable harvesting experience on the weekends and in the summer holidays. We hope you will enjoy the seasonal flowers and greenery in this relaxing garden ...

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Shonan Daira Hills(Komayama Park)

From the observation deck, you can get a 360 degree view of the surrounding area. When the sky is clear, you can see Tokyo Sky Tree as well as Mount Fuji. Though it is a famous spot with a beautiful night view, it is not known by foreign tourists because of poor access by public transportation. In addition, at Flat, a restaurant in the park, you can enjoy the scenery while eating local fish and...

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