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The history of Shonan-Oiso and the birthplace of beachgoing in Japan

Shonan Area 4h45m

Along with the natural beauty of the sea and historicity around the famous Tokaido (Japan National Route 1), this course will also give you a chance to experience Japan's rich history (Edo period).

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Shimazaki Toson Old House

A 5 minute walk along the Tokaido Line from Oiso Station. Also known as Machiya-en (traditional townhouse), the former residence of Tōson was a three-roomed single story traditional house, with cedar bark used for the outer walls, and Taisho glass (rare nowadays) for the sliding doors. There is also a small garden with a simple Kabuki-mon (gate with a crossbar) surrounded by a bamboo fence.

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Koyorogi no Hama

From olden days, this place was known as “Yorogi (Yurugi, Koyurugi, Koyorogi) Beach” and has appeared in many poems, including the following anthologies: Man’yoshu, Kokin Wakashū and Shin Kokin Wakashū. After the Meiji period, this place has become a place of relaxation with many financial giants and great writers building their villas here.

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Despite being located next to a national highway, it has a very peaceful Japanese atmosphere. This dojo has been here since a very long time as a training place for Haiku.

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Terugasaki Coast

Terugasaki Coast is designated as one of Kanagawa Prefecture’s natural monument as the “Landing Spot of Oiso Terugasaki’s White-bellied Green Pigeons”. When the Oiso hill is covered in greenery, you will be able to see Mount Koma (Komayama) and Shonandaira hills.

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