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Spend time unwinding in the forested lake shores of Lake Ashi

Western Area 4h

Hop on the Hakone Tourist Boat and after gazing out at the lake shore view, head to the Ashinoko Campsite for a BBQ. Lastly, experience birdwatching whilst taking a walk in the forests of Kuzuryuu Jinja Shrine. This experience allows you to make the most of the bountiful nature of the lake shore.

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Hakone Sightseeing Cruise

The Hakone Sightseeing Cruise offers sightseeing boats that sail around Lake Ashinoko, a popular spot in Hakone. There are three boats: Royal II, Victory, and Queen Ashinoko, and passengers can board the cruise at any of the three ports along the edge of the lake. Those ports are Hakonemachi-ko, Motohakone-ko, or Togendai-ko. We recommend the cruise that leaves from Motohakone-ko, as you can vi...

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Ashinoko Camp Mura

Ashinoko Camp Mura is a camping ground located on the shores of Lake Ashinoko, a popular area in Hakone. Visitors can enjoy BBQs and camping in the spectacular nature of the lake and mountains. Stylish wooden house type cottages are popular among families who are new to camping. Ashinoko Camp Mura also has a camping ground where you can set up your own tent. This is a spot that is bustling w...

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Hakone Kuzuryu no Mori Park

The Kuzuryu Forest is a lush natural park that is home to a variety of plant life.Taking a walk along the promenade around Lake Ashinoko is very pleasant, with the breeze coming off the lake and different scenery to appreciate in each season. With an abundance of nature, visitors can also enjoy bird-watching. The park is also home to Kuzuryu Shrine, which is famous for its healing energy and as...

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