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Sojiji Temple in Tsurumi and the roads traversing Namamugi

Yokohama, Kawasaki 4h45m

From the National Highway station rich with a retro atmosphere and Namamugi Uogashi-dori to Kirin Yokohama Beer Village, you'll be visiting all kinds of tourist attractions, new and old, and are sure to have many unforgettable experiences.

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Soji-ji Temple

This is the main temple of Soto Zen Buddhism, located in Tsurumi, Yokohama. In the extensive temple grounds, there is a Zen garden lined with many Garans (temple buildings). Here, as many as 150 monks-in-training devote themselves to strict Zen training everyday. Early Morning Sightseeing A temple located in Tsurumigaoka, a scenic place with views of the sacred Mt. Fuji. Open-to-all Zen m...

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Namamugi Fish Market Street

The traditions from being a fisherman town has been passed down from generations to generations since the Edo Period. Here, you can buy fresh fish at an estimated 20 stalls which are visited even by professional chefs. With traces of the old Tokaido, this is a popular spot amongst both Japanese and foreign tourists.

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Scene of the Namamugi Incident and Monument

This is the scene of the Namamugi Incident in 1862, where British merchants were slashed when they interrupted the procession of Shimazu Hisamitsu, the feudal lord of Satsuma. As revenge, the British bombarded Kagoshima, resulting in the Anglo-Satsuma War. However, as a result of the war, ties between Satsuma and Britain were strengthened, encouraging modernization. These Anglo-Satsuma ties bec...

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