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River, Onsen, Spring water; experience Tanzawa's many famous waters

Shonan Area 3h45m

Tanzawa's water system, Hadano, has been designated as one of the 100 'remarkable waters' in Japan. There are many springs that well up across the town, this trip brings you togetehr with the pure waters of Tanzawa.

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Spring of Ryujin

The Spring of Ryujin is located on the mountainside 50 meters upstream from a water-drawing spot. Legend has it that the god of dragons, who rules over water, resides here because of the dragon-shaped rock.

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Hadano Tokawa Park

Covering 36 hectares, Hadano Tokawa Park is a large park featuring rich nature, more notable are the Mizunashi-gawa river and forest of the mountain located in Western Hadano. Many facilities are available: park and visitor centers, BBQ spots, playground, farming ground, children's plazas, and tea houses. A great place for a fun day with your family!

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Kobo no Sato-yu

Blessed with rich nature, Kobo no Sato-yu is a hot springs facility that provides two hot springs baths; ‘The First Hadano City Bath (open-air bath)’ and ‘Tsurumaki Sen-no Yu (rental indoor bath)'. Visitors can enjoy both baths on the same day and go home without staying for the night. These baths are rich in calcium that warms your body. It’s a great one day trip destination to visit with your...

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