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Nostalgic Visit to Atsugi: Koganei Sake Brewery Visit and Overnight Stay in Atsugi Museum

Central Area 6h45m

This tour takes you to nostalgic Atsugi and gives you a chance to visit the prestigious Koganei Sake Brewery, where you can see how sake is made and learn how to enjoy sake. As a bonus you can also enjoy sake tasting.

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Kishitei (old private house)

Historical building built in 1891 (Meiji 24). As a valuable tangible cultral asset of Atsugi-shi, it conveys the way of living of the time. It is drawing more attention as the way of life in the present age has been changing drastically.

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Atsugi Museum Hotel(Tron hot spring)

Approximately 10,000 pieces of artwork including folkcrafts from across the country, Japanese local toys, western paintings, Japanese paintings, sculptures, cutout pictures, books, ink paintings, and ceramics are displayed behind the front desk on the first floor. The owner of the hotel collected these materials in 1951 and Atsugi Museum Hotel is the only local place in the central area of Kana...

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Koganei Brewery

This is a historical, 200 year old sake brewery. In the nature of Higashitanzawa, the brewery uses the local springwater to create it's sake, Sakarimasu. Additionally, shochu, craft beer, and liquers are brewed and can be bought at the shop or enjoyed with Italian food at the brewery-owned restaurant, "Selvaggina."

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Atsugi Shirokoro Horumon

Restaurant that received the Gold Grand Prix in the B-1 Grand Prix and has become famous nationwide. The hormone you eat with miso sauce is an excellent dish.There is a meat center and you can easily get your hands on fresh meat. Photos Provided by photolibery

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