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Niagara fireworks at Odawara Castle! Take in Odawara's famed spectacle

Western Area 4h30m

In Odawara, fireworks displays are held on the riverbank. Fireworks like Niagara Falls have a huge impact! And don't forget the famous Odawara Castle, a spot overlooking the sea which offers a superb view. Another of Odawara's charms is the hot spring where you can relax 24 hours a day.

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Odawara Castle

This is a symbol of the Odawara family that was rebuilt in 1960. After the main castle underwent major reconstructions, dubbed the Great Heisei Restoration, there are now graphics introducing the castle, a theater exhibition and interactive exhibits that allow visitors to try on armor in the castle grounds. Rental costumes of samurai, princesses, ninjas, as well as an amusement park are also av...

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Odawara Manyo-no-Yu

Odawara became a castle town of the Hojo clan from the Muromachi period and has welcomed many people as one of the leading lodging towns in Tokaido. Odawara Manyo-no-Yu is located in front of the station that is surrounded by beautiful mountains and ocean. We provide hospitality in the relaxing spaces of the six-story building.

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Odawara Sakawa River Fireworks Festival

Stare in awe at the fireworks display over the Sakawa River, flowing through Odawara. Fireworks will shower down from the sky like Niagara Falls. View them up close or from the riverbank for an exceptional attraction. Cool down while looking up at these fireworks. Nightlife in Kanagawa

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