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Nature conservation from Miura Peninsula

Yokosuka, Miura 4h30m

A journey to learn about the natural environment and ocean of Miura Peninsula. By observing endangered animals and seeing the nature of Miura Peninsula with your own eyes, we can learn why we should protect nature and come to understand how critical the level of environmental damage is to our earth. A trip to really feel the importance of the natural world.

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Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park

This leisure land and aquarium is located in the southwestern side of the Miura Peninsula. Here, you can see sharks as long as 3m in the large fish tank with a panorama of 360 degrees. In the indoor ocean theatre Fantasium, you can enjoy a performance by dolphins and seals - the ever popular stars of the sea.

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Jogashima Park

Jogashima Park occupies the eastern half of Jogashima, located at the southernmost tip of Miura Peninsula. When you pass through the forest in the park, you will come across a unique prarie landscape. As this area was created due to the strong winds that blow from the Pacific Ocean and the strong sun, most of the plants are unable to grow tall. For this reason, black pine is grown in the inland...

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