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Mandarin Orange Picking in Miura Beach

Miura Peninsula Multi day 25

It is a course that you can fully enjoy Miura's autumn taste from families to groups. On the first day, you will enjoy the food and scenery of the Miura Peninsula mainly doing orange picking, and on the second day you will drive to Enoshima, Kamakura, Yugawara etc.


Recommended Transit Passes

Misaki Maguro Day Trip Ticket


Jogashima Park

Miura 30m

Jogashima Park occupies the eastern half of Jogashima, located at the southernmost tip of Miura Peninsula. When you pass through the forest in the park, you will...

Miura City Mikan Orchard

Miura 30m

Families and groups can enjoy mandarin orange picking at our facility. Reservations are not required (they are required for groups of 25 or more and those arriving...

Araihama Kaigan

Miura 30m

At the beautful coast overlooking Sagami Bay, you can enjoy snorkeling and playing on the shore. Famous because of its beautiful ocean, it has been selected as...

Douami Beach

Miura 30m

With gentle waves, Douami Beach is one of the best beaches for families with small children. You can also enjoy fishing on both sides of the beach. Photos Provided...

Yokobori Beach

Miura 30m

This is a small-scaled beach that is not crowded through the season. Quiet and clear sea is almost like a private beach, and it will provide visitors a relaxing...

Miura Guest Houses

Miura 2h

You can find a lot of guest houses in Miura City. Dishes made with fresh seafood, especially tuna, are very popular here.

Fueda Park (Great View of Mount Fuji)

Kamakura 30m

Located on the mountain top of Kamakura Mountain, Fueda Park is a park where you can interact with nature. As there is a walking path, while enjoying the greenery...

Enoshima Escalator

Fujisawa 15m

In 1954 Japan built its the first outdoors escalator to connect the 106-meter bottom with the 46 meters' high mountaintops. It only takes about 4 minutes by "Enoshima...

Enoshima Shrine

Fujisawa 30m

It is a general term for three shrines, Hetsu-miya, Nakatsu-miya, and Okutsu-miya. Each shrine enshrines three sister goddesses, as well as eight-armed Benzaiten...

Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden

Fujisawa 30m

Located on the top of Enoshima, this garden is a place where you can enjoy various flowers and plans during all four seasons. There are various facilities, such...

Enoshima Sea Candle

Fujisawa 30m

The observatory lighthouse in Enoshima's Samuel Cocking Garden was reopened after renovations on April 29, 2003. With a height of 59.8m (119.6m above sea level),...

Lover's Hill Ryuren Bell of Love

Fujisawa 15m

There is a legend that says a heavenly maiden and a five-headed dragon were united on Enoshima, and it is believed that ringing this bell will bring about eternal...

Chigogafuchi Marine Plateau

Fujisawa 30m

Chigogafuchi is selected as one of Kanagawa's 50 scenic spots. It is also a perfect fishing spot. The scenery of the sun setting at Mount Fuji is extraordinary....

Sagamigawa Nature Village Park

Sagamihara 30m

This park is a part of the Sagamigawa Village of Nature, and is famous for cherry blossom viewing and camping. Popular park spots include the Four Seasons Stream...

Enoshima Island Spa

Fujisawa 2h

Located at the entrance of Enoshima, Enoshima Island Spa is a hot spring facility with a natural hot spring and spa pool. It is a great location with views of the...

Shonan Shirasu (boiled whitebait)

Fujisawa 1h

Shonan shirasu (boiled whitebait) that is rich in flavor can only be eaten on the day they are caught. Those who miss out have the opportunity to purchase dried...


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