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Mandarin Orange Picking in Miura Beach (Car Rental Plan)

Yokosuka, Miura 18h 25

It is a course that you can fully enjoy Miura's autumn taste from families to groups. On the first day, you will enjoy the food and scenery of the Miura Peninsula mainly doing orange picking, and on the second day you will drive to Enoshima, Kamakura, Yugawara etc.


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Jogashima Park

Yokosuka, Miura 30m

Jogashima Park occupies the eastern half of Jogashima, located at the southernmost tip of Miura Peninsula. When you pass through the forest in the park, you ...

Araihama Kaigan

Yokosuka, Miura 30m

At the beautful coast overlooking Sagami Bay, you can enjoy snorkeling and playing on the shore. Famous because of its beautiful ocean, it has been selected ...

Douami Beach

Yokosuka, Miura 30m

With gentle waves, Douami Beach is one of the best beaches for families with small children. You can also enjoy fishing on both sides of the beach. Photos Pr...

Enoshima Shrine

Shonan Area 30m

Enoshima Shrine consists of three palaces, Hetsumiya, Nakatsumiya and Okutsumiya. Three-sister sea guardian is worshipped in each palace. In an...

Enoshima Iwaya Cavern

Shonan Area 30m

Master Dharma,Kobo Daisi and Minamotono Yoritomo are said to have visited this place and it is also said to be the roots of Sarasvati belief. This cave was c...

Chigogafuchi Marine Plateau

Shonan Area 30m

Chigogafuchi is selected as one of Kanagawa's 50 scenic spots. It is also a perfect fishing spot. The scenery of the sun setting at Mount Fuji is extraordin...

Benten Maru

Shonan Area 15m

In the cave there is a gallery to introduce the history of Enoshima. You will have a expedition here in this cave. Photos Provided by photolibery

Enoshima Island Spa

Shonan Area 2h

The spa pool area that requires wearing swimsuits, are located both outdoors and indoors, and can be enjoyed by couples or in groups. In addition, from the n...

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