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History Walk in Takatsu-ku and Onsen

Yokohama, Kawasaki 2h45m 6

On this walking route, you can retrace the history of Kawasaki when it was still called "Tachibana-gun of Musashi country" long time ago. A relaxing dip in a local hotsprings awaits you at the end of your exploration.


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Kuji Entobunsui

Yokohama, Kawasaki 30m

Kujientobunsui was registered tangible cultural property in 1998 (Heisei 10). It regulates the quantity of the water diversion utilizing principle of siphon....

Shibokuchi Midden

Yokohama, Kawasaki 15m

Shibokuchi Midden is the oldest midden in Tama hill area. It was made about 7000 years ago in the early stage of late Jomon era. It is used as ...

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