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Hinata Yakushi Hiking and Tortoise Rock, Nanasawa Onsen Day Soak

Central Area 8h30m

Tread the forest road from Kotakuji Hot Spring, view the grand waterfalls in Ogama Benzaiten, and enter the mountain path afterwards. You will go through the winding paths along the mountain ridge, and head to Mt. Hinata (404 meter altitude / 1,325 ft), whose skirt houses the famous Hinatasushi. Head to the forest trail to find Nanasawa Outlook, and walk a little more to reach Nanasawa Hot Spring. The mountain path is slightly narrow, but once you get to the peak, you will get to see a panoramic view of Shinjuku Subcenter, as well as the Boso Peninsula on clear days. Near the course is Nameri-iwa, where you can enjoy rock-climbing, as well as Kanon-ji temple on Mt. Muranaka. There are some steep slopes, but the hiking course is mostly suitable for children, too.

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Hinata-yakushi hiking

You will walk on the road along the mountain fields. From Kotakuji Onsen, you will walk on the forest trail and see the impressive waterfall, Ogama Benzaiten, and then enter the mountain trail. After passing the curved path, you will hike up a ridge that ascends 400 meters of Hinata-yama.

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Hinata Yakushi (Buudhist temple)

Hinata Yakushi is one of the Three Greatest Yakushi, and its principal image of Buddha is Yakushi Sanzon. The religious school the temple belongs to now is the Koyasan Shingon sect. The main building of the temple was disassembled and repaired for the first time in about 300 years. The refurbished beautiful building with a thatched roof made its appearance after seven years of repairment. Hojob...

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A big rock (stone) located in the dense forest near the entrance of the hiking course from Yakushi to Hinata Yakushi. With a height of about 4 meters and a width of about 10 meters, there are trees that grow from the rock and it is considered a power spot where you can feel the power of nature. It has been said that it is called Kameishi because it is shaped like a turtle.

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Fukumotokan / Nanasawa Onsen (Hot Springs Day Trip)

The room in which the representative author of Japan’s proletarian literature, novelist Kobayashi Takiji, secretly resided, is still preserved as it was at that time, with a small bowl, a foot warmer, a tea cupboard and a padded kimono. The hot spring has a strong alkalinity which is abovepH 10.0, so a smooth, gentle feel on the skin is characteristic.

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