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Hiking around highlands through Japanese silver grass

Western Area 5h30m 1

Appreciate a dramatic view of Japanese silver grass from October to the middle of November; also visit an elegant Hakone lalique museum.


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Silver Grass Plant Community

Western Area 1h

The Sengokuhara Silver Grass Plains is prided as one of the best in the Kanto Region. Stretching until the vicinity of the southern foot of Mount Kintoki and...

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Western Area 1h

Shining jewelries and glass art crafts. A French artist, René Lalique's works of a lifetime welcome visitors at Lalique Museum Hakone. Enjoy your holiday at ...

Little Prince Museum

Western Area 1h

Created as a part of the global commemoration project for celebrating the Saint- Exupery 's birth 100 years. There is only museum in the world with a Little ...

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