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Get tipsy on Japanese sake at Ebina

Central Area 5h 1

Check out the Izumibashi Sake Brewery and sample some drinks. After learning about Japanese sake, take a walk around Sagamikawa River and then head to the restaurant run by Kuramoto, Kuramoto Kako Izumibashi. Here you can enjoy dishes paired with sake.


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Izumibashi Sake Brewery

Central Area 1h

Founded in 1857, Izumibashi Sake Brewery is not only a sake brewery but also a cultivator of rice. We see sake as an agricultural by-product, and make sake b...

Sagami Sansen Park

Central Area 1h

It is the first park which was built by using the riverbed in the prefectural urban park, built upstream of the confluence of three rivers: the Sagamigawa Ri...

Kuramoto Kakou Izumibashi

Central Area 1h

This is a brewery's restaurant for those who visit brewery's farm and tour our brewery. They wanted to entertain those people who come visit our brewery and ...

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