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Fujisawa-juku and sushi-making experiences

Shonan Area 6h15m 8

In the area at the north exit of Fujisawa Station, you'll find warehouses and Teramachi stretching out. Moreover, Satsumaya in Fujisawa-shuku holds sushi making classes in English, so this is a great opportunity to have an authentic sushi making experience.


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Fujisawa Bridge

Shonan Area 15m

This is a historic bridge over the Sakai River near 'Fujisawa-shuku' that used to be the sixth post-town on the road 'Tokaido'. There are a lot of temples an...

Yugyo-ji Temple

Shonan Area 30m

The head temple of Ji-shu Buddhism (time sect) worshipping Priest Ippen as the founder. Many events are held throughout the year, including a ceremony for th...

Shirahata Shrine

Shonan Area 30m

It is dedicated to Samukawahikono Mikoto, which is the same deity as the Sagamikoku Ichinomiya Samukawa Shrine, and Minamoto no Yoshitsune, who is a hero of ...

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