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Food and Walking Tour in Flower Fields and Marine Park

Yokohama, Kawasaki 3h

Flower seeds were planted on a spacious hillside, and in spring, it will be covered with blooming rape blossoms followed by beautiful cosmos flowers that start to bloom in late summer through autumn. During the Golden Week holidays in May, 100 carp streamers swim in the sky.

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Kanazawa Nature Park

Kanazawa Nature Park is a natural park located in Yokohama with an area of about 600,000 m². The park is divided into a "zoo area" and "plant area". With the seasons changing, you can observe the animals, insects, and plants.

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Shomyoji Temple

30 mins by car from the center of Kamakura City. Hojo Kanezawa’s family constructed in the Kamakura Period by Sanetoki Hojo. The Jodoshiki Teien Garden centred around the Ajiike Pond in front of the main building is a sight to behold. The garden, with its crimson arched and flat bridges, is beautiful. Visitors can enjoy seasonal scenery such as cherry blossom in spring, yellow irises at the beg...

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Umi no koen (Marine Park)

The only park in Yokohama that has a beach. A sandy beach and rich greenery spreads over about 1 km on the beach . At the "Fureai Center" at the management/control center, there is a restaurant that is open only in the summer and in the winter, there is an oyster hut. There is also a barbecue area (spring~autumn) where you can see Yokohama Hakkeijima right in front of you. (Details about the re...

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