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Shomyoji Temple

Shomyoji Temple

212-1 Kanazawa-cho, Kanazawa Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa
Map of Shomyoji Temple

Thirty mins by car from the center of Kamakura City. Hojo Kanezawa’s family constructed in the Kamakura Period by Sanetoki Hojo. The Jodoshiki Teien Garden centred around the Ajiike Pond in front of the main building is a sight to behold. The garden, with its crimson arched and flat bridges, is beautiful.

Visitors can enjoy seasonal scenery such as cherry blossom in spring, yellow irises at the beginning of summer and the changing colours of the leaves in autumn. In addition, there is the adjoining Kanagawa Prefectural Kanazawa-Bunko Museum which exhibits national treasures such as Shomyoji Temple sacred teachings and Kanazawa-Bunko documents.Noh theatre is performed at night by a fire each year at the beginning of May.

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