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Experience the Occupations of Odawara

Western Area 2h45m

Try your hand at making the one and only lacquer ware of yours, listen to the story of thread that makes a kimono fabric delivered by an owner of the prestigious kimono shop and learn how people of the historical castle town of Odawara lived their lives in the past.

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Odawara Castle Ruins Park

The historical landmarks, primarily the Honmaru square with castle tower are opened to visitors. This is the tourist attraction place, symbolizing Odawara city. It is well-known not only as a famous sakura spot, but also as an area where many events are held.

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Ishikawa Lacquerware

Since their founding, they have been making products using locally produced materials, paying attention to safety, utilizing traditional techniques, while applying innovative ideas in painting and designing, in order to produce utensils that can be used every day. In addition, their shop also serves as a comfortable space for everyone by making proposals to lead a Japanese original life using c...

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Yamada Kimono (Draper) Shop

It is over 140 years old drapery shop.Inside the store, the process of making silk fabrics is explained in detail, and also the patterns of dyed fabrics are on the display.In addition, the 13 patterns of the original Odawara hand towels ranked No 1 in the "Odawara Selection 2017". ("Odawara Selection 2017" is a collection of the finest quality goods from Odawara recommended to overseas visitors)

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