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Experience agricultural life in Oimachi and detox from inside out!

Western Area 4h30m

A course to look after oneself. At a seasonal village you can experience farming life and purchase freshly harvested vegetables. Enjoy a delicious lunch made from natural ingredients at Biotopia. At a historical sake brewery pick up a souvenir bottle of sake, which is said to be the best medicine.

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Shiki no Sato (Farm Experience Facility)

Shiki no Sato (Village of Four Seasons) is a facility surrounded by nature where you can have first-hand agricultural experiences. It is a place where urban residents and locals can mingle and use it as a base facility for experiencing work by hand, such as rice planting, rice harvesting, making pizza from scratch, etc. You can purchase freshly picked local fresh vegetables and special products...

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me-byo valley BIOTOPIA

To relax yourself, try meditating in a bamboo forest. The aromatic gardens will heal you. You can have a wonderful walk along Gingko trees on the street. At the farmers' market, you can buy special local products. In restaurants, you can choose favorite dishes made from local fresh food.

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Inoue Sake Brewery

※Need to book at least one month in advance by phone or email. Since the establishment in 1789, Inoue sake brewery has made sake for 200 years around this area. Cool, underground water and selected rice ingredients are used to make this.

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