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Blooming Pansies and Temple Hopping in Musashi-Nakahara

Yokohama, Kawasaki 2h30m

You'll be visiting the Manga Temple, where you'll find delightful manga artwork drawn on places including the main hall doors, as well as Saimyoji Temple, where the Dainichi Nyorai Buddha is enshrined.

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Main hall of Jorakuji temple was built in Genroku years (1668 ~1703) in Edo era. It was disassembled and rebuilt in 1968 in Showa era. Cartoon was painted on the shoji screens and people call this temple 'Manga (cartoon) temple'. It has wooden Kanzeon Bosatu standing statue, wooden Buhdda sitting statue and wooden 12 God general standing statue which are designated as the impor...

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One of the Kawasaki Seven Lucky Gods worshipping Daikokuten, the god of darkness. Although it is unknown when it was founded, it is said to be deeply related to Hojo Tokiyori. Photos Provided by photolibery

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