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Best Views of Mount Fuji (Mt Fuji) Tour

Shonan Area 12h

Enoshima has plenty of spots nearby where you can get a great view of Mount Fuji. Sunsets in early April and early September offer a breathtaking optical phenomena—called the Diamond Fuji—where the peak of Mount Fuji and the setting sun align perfectly.

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Fueda Park (Great View of Mount Fuji)

Located on the mountain top of Kamakura Mountain, Fueda Park is a park where you can interact with nature. As there is a walking path, while enjoying the greenery of Kamakura Mountain, it is possible to head towards Shichirigahama. When the weather is nice, you can see Mount Fuji.

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Kataseyama, Fujimizaka

This is one of the best Shonan's Mt Fuji and sunset viewing spot which is rated on par with Shichiriga Hama and Inamuragasaki. It is unusual here for Shonan area because from this place you can watch senery not only over the sea but also over the town scape. A friendly air of Kugenuma people will warm up your mind. This is also an hidden nice viewing spot of the Enos...

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Enoshima Shrine

Enoshima Shrine consists of three palaces, Hetsumiya, Nakatsumiya and Okutsumiya. Three-sister sea guardian is worshipped in each palace. In ancient times it was called Enoshima Myojin. You can feel the atmosphere of the mixture of myths. This are winter constellation Orion's myth and the three- sister gardians' myth. Three stars in the Orion's Belt transforme...

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Enoshima Iwaya Cavern

Master Dharma,Kobo Daisi and Minamotono Yoritomo are said to have visited this place and it is also said to be the roots of Sarasvati belief. This cave was created by the sea wave. The cave is separated into two caverns the first one is 152 meters and the second one is 56 meters in depth.

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Enoshima Island Spa

The spa pool area that requires wearing swimsuits, are located both outdoors and indoors, and can be enjoyed by couples or in groups. In addition, from the natural hot spring "Fujimiyu", you can see the view of Mount Fuji and the sea.

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