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Art, art, art! A tour of Miura Peninsula's art galleries

Yokosuka, Miura 4h

Miura Peninsula is home to many art galleries. The exhibitions vary widely and feature Japanese paintings and sculptures. There is an art museum where you can enjoy music whilst appreciating the art works. Immerse yourself in a world of multiple genres of exciting art. 

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Yokosuka Museum of Art

The museum is located in Kannonzaki, an area rich in nature and on the eastern side of Miura Peninsula. Around 5000 contemporary Japanese artwork is kept here. In addition to a variety of exhibitions, the unique architecture that harmonizes with its surroundings as well as the outstanding view is appealing. The Italian restaurant with a famous chef is also popular.

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The Museum of Modern Art, Hayama
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The Museum of Modern Art, Hayama

The museum in Hayama holds 4 to 5 exhibitions per year. There's a strolling path on the premise, so that visitors can enjoy sculptures while walking. There are a restaurant and a museum shop within the museum. You can have a splendid view of Isshiki beach from the restaurant.

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