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Admire the emerging green leaves from the cable car, and take a sky walk

Shonan Area 4h45m

You can see the emerging green on Oyama from the cable car - truly a sight to behold. After experiencing the Oyama pilgrimage that was popular during the Edo period, buy some lucky and delicious Japanese sweet known as Oyama Koma Saichuu as souvenirs.

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Ooyama cable car will take you to a great scenic spot that is located at a height of 700 m above sea level in 6 minutes. The cable car is 0.8 km long and the difference of elevation between stations is 278 m. Passengers can fully enjoy grand views from a large window of the cable car: a view of Enoshima spreading below the cable, seasonal sceneries of Oyama and other superb prospects. The cable...

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Ooyama Afuri Shrine

This is an ancient shrine which is said to be built over 2000 years ago. Known as a place for praying for rain, as well as a sacred ground revered by many generals, the pilgrimage to Mount Ooyama became popular in the Edo Period. In 2016, this pilgrimage was designated as a Japan heritage site, with the view from Afuri Shrine featured with two Michelin stars.

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Sanoya Sweet Store

Sanoya is a Japanese sweet shop that sells seasonal Japanese sweets. Its signature sweet ‘Oyama Koma Monaka’ has the status of being a designated confectionary of the Kanagawa Prefecture. ‘Oyama Koma Monaka’ has a 300-year history and has been known as one of the best souvenirs to bring back from visiting Oyama Afuri Shrine. Since the firm axis of Koma-shaped ‘Oyama Koma Monaka’ signifies the s...

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