A seaside walk with the Enoden

Shonan Area 6h15m

Get a sense of the Shonan Coastline on this stroll along the Enoden as well as the popular resort island.

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Enoshima Aquarium

The aquarium is located at a great place where you can view both Mt Fuji on the west side, and Sagami bay and the scenic spot Enoshima on the south. It is known as a popular filming location for movies and dramas. It has a lot to offer to tourists, such as Big Sagami Bay Tank, Jelly Fish Fantasy Hall, and Sea Turtle Beach. Dolphin/sea lion/penguin/jelly fish shows are conducted every day.

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Enoshima Shrine

Enoshima Shrine consists of three palaces, Hetsumiya, Nakatsumiya and Okutsumiya. Three-sister sea guardian is worshipped in each palace. In ancient times it was called Enoshima Myojin. You can feel the atmosphere of the mixture of myths. This are winter constellation Orion's myth and the three- sister gardians' myth. Three stars in the Orion's Belt transforme...

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Koshigoe Fishing Port

Koshigoe gyokō is located in the southern area of Kamakura city, where the catch from Sagami Bay is hauled. There are many eateries which serve dishes using the seafood caught here. There is also an observation deck for the public, where you can enjoy a view of the neighboring Enoshima island, a famous sightseeing spot, and Mount Fuji, a World Heritage Site.

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Komachi Street

This street is one of the most famous shopping street in Kamakura, Japan. It has been featured in some TV programs and magazines. There are about 250 shops. Come and see various shops while you stroll the town.

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